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With a Biofire Kachelofen, the warmth is long lasting, comfortable and stays in your house. Approximately every 12 hours, you simply place a small amount of wood in your Biofire and light it. Biofire’s unique design ensures that your fire burns hot, fast and clean. This clean and complete burn is extremely environmentally friendly. As the fire burns, the exclusive refractory materials and flue passageways quickly absorb the heat from the fire and release radiant heat evenly over a period of about 12 hours.

Your Biofire is individually designed to match your heating needs and the environment of your home. Your chimney type, height, diameter and the elevation of your home are all factors that are used in creating your unique Biofire. Using this information, the draft in the chimney is calculated and the firebox and passageways are engineered. Then a to-scale wood model of your Biofire Kachelofen is built, showing exactly where every piece goes. This ensures that the same high efficiency results that were achieved in testing are duplicated in your home. This engineering and wood modeling is unique to Biofire. Biofire’s methods provide you with the most efficient and customized Biofire Kachelofen to heat your home. Your Biofire Kachelofen will provide you with exquisite radiant heat. Radiant heat ensures dust free air and proper humidity, giving you warmth that you can feel through your whole body. This comfortable atmosphere is healthy and helps create a comfortable feeling of security and relaxation. Your Biofire Kachelofen will give you a healthy warm home and keep pollution to a minimum.


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